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World Conference on Computational Intelligence and Smart Systems (WCCISS-2022)-January 22-23, 2022

One Week Faculty Development Program on Empowering Social Life using Artificial Intelligence-July 21-25, 2021
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International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ICAI-2021)-May 22-23, 2021

International Association for Responsible AI

AI is the amalgam of several techniques to model and implement human intelligence into machines. This leads to develop learning and problem solving skills into machines. Programming languages on application dependent special purpose hardware are used to achieve the objectives of AI. The huge amount of data and its analysis through AI algorithms is the core activity. Machine leaning, deep learning, artificial neural network, evolutionary algorithms, fuzzy logic, nature inspired algorithms etc. are the major AI techniques used in the development of AI applications. At present AI has become versatile and impacting our life style directly. Seeing the growth in AI industry, there is a huge demand of AI experts which is increasing day by day. It is the prime responsibility of academic and training institutions to impart quality education in AI domain with practical exposure to the students which is unfortunately missing. The establishment of Artificial Intelligence Foundation (AIF) with charitable purpose is also an effort to help the students and trainers with quality training and education of AI tools and techniques.


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