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Marshalling Artificial Intelligence for Hiring

Dr. Pawan Singh
Associate Professor, Department of CSE, Amity School of Engineering and Technology, Amity University, UP, Lucknow Campus.
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The sky of bright improvement is blossoming around the new era of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI may be deployed to make hiring an unbiased utopia. In this pandemic period where the job securing is a cumbersome task, hiring and get hired has become a herculean task [1].


There are number of recruiting officials influencing the hiring process and selecting the person with the "correct-sounding" names and academic background. Across the companies positions there is a lack of balance of racial and gender balance. The selection of appropriate person for the highest position is also a painful and complex duty [2].

"Identifying high-potential candidates is very subjective," says Alan Todd, CEO of CorpU, a technology platform for leadership development. "People pick who they like based on unconscious biases."

AI technology may induce the process in such a way that can either eliminate or at least minimise the biases [3, 4, 5]. Instead of hiring the employee on the basis of the short time analysis (hunch) companies can deploy the Machine Learning (ML) process to detect the skills essential for a specific type of working profile. Later on identification of perfect skilled employees required for specific job positions can be accomplished. The AI based process nature can be stimulated in such a way that it not only recognizes the perfect skilled person but also the one which who may have previously gone unidentified in the usual process of selection. The AI based process should analyse the persons by hiding various parameters which can be a matter of discrimination. The parameters which the AI method may hide could be name, race, resident of, photo, colour, school, different gaps and age, as well as gender-specific pronouns. Last year, 67 percent of hiring managers and recruiters surveyed by LinkedIn said AI was saving them time [6]. Different text matching algorithms can be applied on resumes to identify the key skills. If a resume-screening machine learning tool is trained on historical data, such as resumes collected from a company's previously hired candidates, the system will inherit both the conscious and unconscious preferences of the hiring managers who made those selections. Utah-based company HireVue, which sells a job interview video platform that uses artificial intelligence to assess candidates and, it claims, predict their likelihood to succeed in a position [7].


AI can be deployed not only in recruitment but also in the internal talent development. Machine Learning techniques can be used to identify the high-potential candidates for the skill enhancement in a specific areas. It could be a way to train the high-potential employees and gain the best outcome of the efforts made and helps the organization to grow in real sense. Deep learning can be applied on videos to identify the enthusiastic employee.

"Human decision making is pretty awful," says Solon Barocas, an Assistant Professor in Cornell's Information Science Department who studies fairness in machine learning.

It is an observation that persons on the track of promotion are not ranked highest in the recruitment. They may have the qualities such as introversion which were usually overlooked by the traditional recruitment process. It is still a matter of concern to evaluate and identify the best algorithms which have the potential to convert the recruitment procedure fair.

HR tech experts agree on the use of AI-powered assistants – also known as chatbots – in various parts of HR. Mya automates the recruitment process by sourcing, screening and scheduling. It uses ML and natural language processing (NLP) to pick up details from conversation. Mya also creates candidate profiles and shortlists applicants. Chatbot Olivia engages with candidates via the web, various mobile platforms and/or social channels. Olivia uses NLP and also handles the scheduling of recruitment process.


It is believed that someday the AI techniques will be vastly better than humans in recruiting appropriate candidates in unbiased manner.

"We shouldn't think of it as a silver bullet".



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