Artificial Intelligence foundation

One Day Webinar on
Emerging Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Organized By
Artificial Intelligence Foundation, Lucknow

Date: On July 05, 2020
Time: 03:30 PM

Chief Guest of the Program
Mr. V. B. Singh
National Council Member and Chairman, Civil Engineering Board, The Institution of Engineers (India)

Details of Speakers

Dr. V. Raghava Mutharaju
Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IIIT, New Delhi

Dr. Kirti Seth
School of Computer & Information Engg., Inha University, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Brief report on the event

Artificial Intelligence Foundation has organized the "One Day Webinar on Artificial Intelligence Techniques" addressing the recent developments of artificial intelligence in the human life.

The inaugural ceremony was blessed with the presence of Chief Guest of the Program Sri V. B. Singh, National Council Member and Chairman, Civil Engineering Board, The Institution of Engineers (India). He discussed about the applications of artificial intelligence in the human life along with the recent advancements. He told that the implementation of the humans characteristics, like the ability to reason, discover, generalize, or learn from past experience etc. into machine is the prime concern of artificial intelligence with an objective to serve the society.

The first session was addressed by Dr. V. Raghava Mutharaju on the Knowledge Graph. The participants were enlightened with the research experience of Dr Raghava in the area of knowledge graph and ontology. The fundamentals of the knowledge graph and the designing of the knowledge graph are the prime focus of his talk.

Dr. Kirti Seth addressed the second session sharing relevant information on the fundamentals of the artificial intelligence. She also addressed on the swarm intelligence techniques, like particle swarm optimization and ant colony optimization techniques in detail. Fundamentals of Artificial Neural Network, Deep Learning and Machine Learning are also addressed in the talk.

The webinar was closed with the vote of thanks presented by Dr. Kavita Tiwari, Vice-President Artificial Intelligence Foundation.


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